The Mental Recruiting Process 

While the title may be a little misleading, it got your attention. It’s pretty much your mental ability to communicate. At this point, you are saying, coach is crazy. This is not about all the moving parts in the recruiting process, but about communication.

Let’s look deeper. Normal communication has three components: sender- receiver-feedback. If a college coach sends a student-athlete something and he/she never receives it, they cannot provide the feedback. This brings a mythical fourth component to the process which is reaction. So now we have sender- receiver-feedback-reaction (if applicable). You are probably thinking that there will always be a reaction. I can only answer that with a yes and no.
Remember I stated that normal communication has three components: sender- receiver-feedback. If we are going to add reaction to the mix, we can coin the term “recruiting communication.”
Ok, so you’ve made it this far. Recruiting communication can involve the student-athlete, high school coach, AAU/club coach, school counselor, and last but not least the parent(s). All this means is that the more people involved in this, it can cause communication to be lost. Yes, this is true in normal communication as well. The difference with “recruiting communication” is that you will not get feedback, but you will receive an action. The school may just move on to the next student-athlete without telling you. At this point, the student-athlete may have just checked out.
So a student-athlete is mentally screwed because he/she has wanted this for so long. What is one to do? The easiest thing is to start the communication process, again. You might think this to be a far-fetched idea, but everytime you start a new email, a new text, a new social media post, or a new conversation; you have restarted the communication process.
Keep this all in mind before you mentally check out on the recruiting process. Stay away from reactions and get feedback and you will achieve success in the mental recruiting process.  Click here for Woods Recruiting athletic questionnaire!

Week of July 17, 2017

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