No Regrets!

Will you have any regrets if you mishandle the recruiting process?  People always ask why they need a recruiting service.  The simplest answer is if you have no knowledge of how to proceed in the process, that’s why you need to hire a recruiting service.

The recruiting process is not something that you can take lightly. It’s something that is so fragile that once you mess it up,  you quite possibly will not recover from it.  You can start the process in the ninth grade.  There are those that have been heard of starting in the eighth grade.  The key is to get started with professional help as soon as possible.  A recruiting service such as Woods Recruiting does all the marketing for the student-athlete.  A recruiting service should be an advocate for you.  They will navigate all the complex rules and situations that will come up.   There are so many rules and situations that could arise.  Do you have the time to sit back and research all there is to the recruiting process? You have to remember that you already have your daily life to deal with, so why put the recruiting process in jeopardy.

Per Al Woods of Woods Recruiting, “The college recruiting process is extremely confusing with many twists and turns along the way. Student-athletes and parents who choose to take on the recruiting process alone will struggle with constant doubt and consistent mistakes that cost valuable time and could crush your dreams of going to college. It’s critical to seek out proper representation in the recruiting process and that’s what Woods Recruiting can offer.”

We do not want you to have any regrets in the recruiting process, so beware of recruiting lay-a-way plans.  Businessdictionary .com defines a layaway plan as a “Retail sales promotion scheme under which a customer deposits a fraction of the cost of the merchandise he or she wants but cannot buy at present. The store holds the merchandise until a certain date on or before which the customer completes the payment and takes the delivery.”  Does the plan give you a warm feeling that you have actually started the recruiting process?  Will this get you the results that you seek?  If you are going about the recruiting process in this manner, refer back to the definition.

Here is the link to our athletic:  questionnaire:

Coach Anthony Washington


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