The Recruiting Process: Don’t Do It Yourself!


Well I started to think a little bit more about the recruiting process and what it means to most student-athletes and their parents.  Are you under-recruited or not being recruited at all?  The recruiting process is something that takes time to develop and it is important not to wait to get it started.  It can start early in your athletic career or as late as your senior year in high school.


It appears that parents and students-athletes are going at it alone it the recruiting process. Some are being told that they can do it on their own.  This may be true for some, but as you read on you will see why a recruiting service can be beneficial to parents and student-athletes.  Check out Woods Recruiting and all that is offered.


There are many recruiting services for which I will not mention any names here, but you can see a couple that are named in this article.  Many parents do not understand what happens in the recruiting process, so they turn to recruiting services. Student-athletes from all across the country sign up for free websites to get recruited.  I believe that the fatal flaw here is that many student-athletes may not understand that they are not just in competition with student-athletes within their state, but all across the country and internationally.  If you don’t believe me about the competition from international players, check out the Duquesne University women’s basket roster.  This should open your eyes as to why recruiting services are actually a necessary tool in the recruiting service.


While many parents will say that they can handle the process on their own, it sometimes proves to be a difficult task to juggle with work and home life.  A recruiting service can take that extra load off of parents.  The recruiting process is a 24/7 – 365 day operation.  If it were not a 24/7 -365 day operation, college coaches would have no need to have additional members on their staff.  This is not a part-time process.  Keep in mind that college coaches cannot contact student-athletes 24/7 -365 day.  They have NCAA rules to follow.  Parents and student-athletes need to know that the process does not sleep nor does it rest.


Free is not free. The debate rages on about whether to pay or not to pay for recruiting services!  Well let’s just examine a few professions that some people do not feel the need to pay for and do the job themselves.  C’mon, you know what they are?  This list is for those that are not actually trained in these fields.  These jobs include auto mechanic, painter, mover, and plumber.  I could go on and on.  You may be saying to yourself, I am pretty good at those things for someone with no formal training.  An auto mechanic works hard to achieve ASE certification to show clients that he/she is qualified to repair your vehicle.  If you do not know how to repair your brakes, why try? Painters are artist.  They can turn many things into a thing of beauty.  There is also a right and a wrong way to do it.  Are you about to paint your house on your own and risk the chance of making a horrible mistake?   Besides painting your house is a huge job to take on by yourself.  Can you honestly devote a huge chunk of your time to do the recruiting process properly?   Professional movers, move furniture for a living.  Of course, we all have moved our own furniture, but have we all really taken the care to wrap everything in bubble wrap and blankets, etc.  Do you really know the steps to get the recruiting going and to properly prepare for it?  This is one of the best examples that I can give, so pay attention.  Are you a do it yourself plumber?  I’ll just leave this part to the professionals, but it falls right in line with the recruiting process.

Reasons NOT to Do Plumbing Repair Yourself

  • You don’t have the experience – Unless you are a plumber yourself, chances are that you don’t have the necessary experience to fix whatever is wrong with your plumbing.
  • You don’t have insurance – When you hire a plumber, the person should have insurance in case anything goes wrong. If you do your own plumbing repair, you may be stuck with a bigger problem.
  • You can make the situation worse – Many times, people who have the best of intentions discover that they are making things worse because they are doing something wrong.  Even if you do everything by the book, you might discover the problem is much worse than it was because you made a mistake.
  • The fixes may become more costly – Remember that episode of “The Flintstones” where Fred tried to help Barney with a plumbing problem? Eventually, they have to call a plumber, and the bill is much higher than it would have been if they had called right away.  Unfortunately, this is the truth most of the time.

If you have a plumbing repair problem, call a professional. You will save a lot of hassles and money.


In any given profession, there are those that provide you with quality services and those who do not.  Trusting the recruiting process to the word FREE is not the best way to go.  It will usually cost you something to get the additional help that you seek.  Woods Recruiting provides the necessary help immediately upon signing up.  Our scouts are ready to work from day 1 of a student-athletes recruiting process.  There is an additional layer that many services do not have and that is the passion for what we do.  You’ll work with an actual person who’s sole job is to assist you in getting recruited and placed in college with a scholarship or great financial package.  Don’t procrastinate, contact me today and let’s get the process started.






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