Is not knowing really that bad?

Is not knowing really that bad?  Well, it seems to depend on who you ask.  Ignorance of a rule, policy and or law is usually not a good defense.

Let’s tackle the ignorance of the recruiting process.  Are you wrong for not knowing exactly how the process works?  In this case, it depends on who you are and who is doing the asking.  Most parents think that coaches know everything about the recruiting process.  This simply is not true.  No one truly knows everything about something.  This is because the recruiting process is so dynamic.  It changes on a daily, weekly, nightly, and yearly basis.  That being said, coaches have to keep up with the changes.  Coaches sure get blamed for a lot of stuff.  Parents and student-athletes can shoulder a little bit of the blame here as well.  If we can all worry about stats, then we can do a little research about the recruiting process.

I will get to the point here because I have a lot of profiles to write and add to the growing list of future college student-athletes represented by Woods Recruiting.  I’ll tell you when not knowing is bad.  Not knowing is bad when people who pretend to know what they are talking about steer you in the wrong direction or give you bad advice.

So yes, in my opinion not knowing is really that bad.  If you do not know something and you speak to someone that sounds legit, you might believe them.  Ask a follow-up question.  Hell,  ask questions that you know the answer to and see if they know.  The reason why you do that is to see if they really know what they are talking about.

So now you are thinking about the title of this blog and asking yourself, Is not knowing really that bad?  Better yet, ask yourself if you are being sold or are you being provided a solution.   It’s all a matter of TRUST!




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