Camps are great.

Camps are great.  So you have been to every camp that you have been invited to via letter.  Are they really interested in you?  As a coach, I still get letters for camps to send student-athletes to.  You must be careful of how you manage your budget in regards to camps.  You have to understand that there is more to the recruiting process than attending camps.

Camps are great. It is hard to resist going to camps at some of the well known college gyms and fields that you only get to see on television. As a recruiting director for Woods Recruiting, it’s my job to navigate you through the recruiting process as efficiently as possible.  Stop wasting your time listening to people who do not understand the recruiting process.

Camps are great.  It is a mistake to attend camps where colleges that you are interested in are not attending.  To be more specific, it is common for college coaches to work camps throughout the spring.  Go to camps where those coaches may be working or attending.

Camps are great.  You have to ask yourself, what is the purpose of the camp.  Is the camp being ran for coaches to recruit talent or to make money?  Quite a few camps invite too many student-athletes.  How can you get a look from coaches?  Hmmm, I bet you all received the same form letter?  Camps can be of great use, but you have to do your due diligence.


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