Are you still on the fence about athletic recruiting services? Time to get off the fence. Large corporate companies use recruiting services to find employees. Job seekers use resume services to write their resumes.  Job seekers also use jobsites to find jobs.  They all do not offer promises that you will get the job.  Given today’s society, your resume is the first piece of information a job sees of you.  Companies are known to skim over resumes.  How do you stand out?  You stand out with exposure.  Recruiting services are supposed to be able to provide that.

Recruiting services are not all built the same. There are many horror stories involving a lot of money spent and the service did not do anything for the client. How do you trust them when they guarantee you a scholarship? It does not happen that way.

The only guarantee in recruiting is that if no one knows who you are, they cannot recruit you.  It would be easy to post a guarantee on a website if that will get you to listen.  When the guarantee does not hold true, you will have lost time and money.

Yes, this is an emergency because the telephone may not be ringing.  If coaches don’t know you, then they don’t know how to reach you.  

Check out Woods Recruiting and you can see what we do for student-athletes all across the country.


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