What’s stalling your process?  While there is a normal definition for jetlag, I believe in something that can only be called recruiting jetlag.  If I had to define it, I would define it as the culmination of playing in multiple exposure events all across the country and spending a lot of money over a period of time, expecting positive results such as college coaches interest and still not getting those results.  It encompasses all the years of being told how good you are and then you find out that no one knows who you are.

 It is unpleasant and hard to reach a goal that can seem so far away and unachievable.  Are you really putting in the work or are you becoming complacent?

You have spent your entire summer traveling all across the county.  Some are traveling by car, train, and or airplane.  Not only does this take a toll on the body, but also the recruiting process.  You have to think about what all that traveling does to your mind and body.  The recruiting process itself can suffer from jetlag as it can take a little time for coaches to get around to you after they have traveled a lot themselves.

The summer circuit does not give you a chance to recuperate if you are constantly on the road.  Are you really prepared? How do you know?  Have you given it all that you have?  Allow a little time to relax and then get back at it.


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