Don’t fall for it!

Were you promised by a club coach that they could get you into a D1 school. Of course we will use D1 as meaning NCAA D1. No one ever means NAIA D1 or JUCO D1. There are no guarantees in the recruiting process. No coach can guarantee this.  Don’t fall for it.

Let’s say that you pay your fees and you are expecting to play, but there may be players on the team that are more talented than.  Don’t fall for it.  

Just being a part of the team with get you nothing. How are you getting exposure if you are sitting on the bench?  The guarantee of a scholarship aside, they cannot even guarantee you playing time on the club team. Don’t fall for it.

If your situation is looking bad and you actually have talent to play at the collegiate level, you just might need a recruiting service to assist you.  

Reach out to Woods Recruiting.  We are all about assisting high school athletes with achieving their dream of playing collegiate sports and getting a quality education.


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