Recruiting emails!

You were told to email the coaches of schools that you are interested in.  Of course, they probably don’t even know who you are.  Many coaches don’t even read the emails due to the appearance of a mass email.  Coaches will however read the emails from those that know them on some kind of level.  For example, a recruiting service that they have a good relationship with.  This is relationship that is built over years of trust and interaction.

I bet you are wondering how you can get this accomplished.  I cannot say it simpler than Woods Recruiting is your link to college coaches.  There are no guarantees and if a recruiting service tells you this, you should RUN.

Now let’s get back to emails.  There is an art to sending emails to college coaches.  Woods Recruiting can be beneficial in this area.  Coaches can also sort out the type of email that is a form letter.

Woods Recruiting believes in high school student-athletes!  We not only trust the process, but we respect it.  


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