Who says???

Who says you are not college athlete material?  There are quite a few myths and misconceptions about the recruiting process. I won’t really go into them all, but I will speak on size, attitude, and procrastinating.  

Not every player can be six feet.  Some use the term undersized, but I say you are not undersized, you are just the right fit and here is why!  Your IQ and skill level are necessary items to have.  Be that 50/50 kid! The bottom line is to never let someone tell you that you are too short to do anything.  Do all the things that you need to do to build your game.  

Who says that coaches don’t pay attention to everyone?  Okay, so they don’t pay attention to everyone.  Don’t be the student-athlete or parent that gets attention due to a bad attitude.  Your image will be tarnished.  Do be the student-athlete or parent that roots not only for your kid, but for all.

Who says that you have all 4 years of highschool to be recruited?  Let’s just say, don’t wait to get the process started. Procrastinating will only hurt in the long run.  


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