How much longer?

The recruiting process can be a wonderful thing. Procrastination slows the process. Believe it or not, there are 2019’s that have been offered and or verbaled. Beware the 2020’s are coming. 

As teams all across the country take to the court or field, everyone is looking for exposure.  For some, it may be too late.  Those that do not start the recruiting process are doomed to watch those that come after them achieve their goals of an athletic scholarship.  
You can wait as long as you want in the recruiting process. It is truly your choice to do so. Time flies!  

2016’s- Still some good unsigned, but probably no definite offers.  
2017’s-Some are signing during signing period.  

2018’s-Some are committing, signing, or have offers.

2019’s-What are you waiting for??? Don’t get bumped by a 2020. 

Woods Recruiting

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