Recruiting 3.0

The recruiting landscape has succumbed to the age of social media. Parents and students are now able to remove the social interaction with coaches by placing videos on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
The catch 22 with this approach is that coaches still want to talk to you in the end. Somewhere along the line, if you are on a schools radar, you will have a conversation that requires more than 140 characters.

Don’t get me wrong, social media is a great tool in recruiting. It gives coaches instant access to ALL of your material that you post. That’s right, ALL.

Somehow, during the recruiting process, you forgot about the pictures you took drinking what appears to be an alcoholic beverage at some wild party. Oh and the language that is used in some of your post are horrible. It’s not just about the cursing, but the formation of basic sentences.

There is no filter here. I will be telling it like it is. This is what’s needed. Let’s be real with the youth. Social media can and will destroy their lives, if not used appropriately.

The goal is to get recruited, earn your scholarship, and get an education.

Twitter: coach_wash


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